World Rotaract Week Celebrations 2020 (We R Winning Campaign)

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Consistently, World Rotaract Week praises the sanctioning of the establishment of the first Rotaract club in 1968.
World Rotaract Week is a period for Rotaractors and Rotarians around the globe to meet up to praise the achievement and significance of the Rotaract program. This occasion is additionally a phenomenal chance to illuminate individuals regarding your locale about the stunning work that Rotaract clubs do, and offer them a chance to get included. Rotaract clubs and their support Rotary clubs have the opportunity to investigate an assortment of techniques for taking an interest in World Rotaract Week. Rotaractors can choose the most ideal route for their club to praise the Rotaract program – finishing one, two or a whole week of exercises.

The We R Winning Campaign was developed to showcase how clubs in Rotaract District 7020 are winning on a daily basis. Winning constitutes so many things such as developing and executing great community service projects, professional development initiatives and hosting fellowship events that puts a smile on everyone’s face. Additionally, clubs participate in several activities highlighting Rotaract, the We R Winning campaign places more emphasis on Support, Recognition, Brand Awareness and Impact.

Please include the below initiatives in your World Rotaract Week Activities. These activities are to be executed Between March 1, 2020 -March 15, 2020
Action Description Points Allocation
We R Winning

The 52 Support

5-2 Strong

Have at least 5 of your members attend and participate in another club’s project/activities or general meetings.


Highlight 2 clubs outside of your area and country outstanding projects executed between quarters 1-3 on social media. One of these club should be a club in RD7030.


Ensure to Highlight on Social Media using the Hashtags:

#The52Support #WeRWinning #WorldRotaractWeek #WRW52 #WRW7020 #ImpactThroughUnity #WRWUnite #52Strong

7 points, 3 points below the stated numbers
“We R Winning” Rotaract Reward Winners (RRW)
Action 1:

We R Winning

“We Appreciate You Initiative”


Throughout the year, clubs’ partner with people outside of Rotaract (individual or organizations) to assist them with their projects and activities. Sometimes these people or organization assist multiple times throughout the year. Even over the years they have managed to stay around, it is like they are the go-to persons whenever you need help with one particular initiative or various initiatives.


Award an individual or organization that has greatly assisted your club initiatives, either by always sponsoring, always volunteering etc. (You can award more than one person or more than one organization)


Ensure to post on social media using the hashtags:

#WeAppreciateYou #WeRWinning #WorldRotaractWeek #WRW52 #WRW7020 #ImpactThroughUnity #WRWUnite #52Strong


7 points, 0 points if not complete
Action 2:

We R Winning

“We See You” Initiative

The thought of a club recognizing their members for their hard work and dedication is amazing. However, when another club recognizes their efforts, it does something positively to their morale.


Coordinate with another club president and secretary to award/recognize another Rotaractor that has been performing well during the year in their respective club.


Ensure to post on social media using the hashtags:

#WeSeeYou #WeRWinning #WorldRotaractWeek #WRW52 #WRW7020 #ImpactThroughUnity #WRWUnite #52Strong

7 points, 0 points if not complete
We R Winning Social Media Campaign


Socialite52 Initiative

Highlight 5 ways that your club is winning and 2 ways your club is improving on social media.


Ensure to use the hashtags:

#Socialite52 #WeRWinning #WorldRotaractWeek #WRW52 #WRW7020 #ImpactThroughUnity #WRWUnite #52Strong


7 points, 3 points below the stated number of social media posts
We R Winning

The 52 Aerial Initiative

Create an Aerial photo where Rotaractors, family of Rotary (interactors, Rotarians or Earlyactors), family members, friends and co-workers form the shape of the number 52. Please ensure to utilize, dominantly, a colour from the Impact Through Unity Logo; red, blue, orange, green or yellow.


Ensure to post on social media using the hashtags:

#The52Aerial #WeRWinning #WorldRotaractWeek #WRW52 #WRW7020 #ImpactThroughUnity #WRWUnite #52Strong


Example of dominantly using the theme colors in your aerial photo:

ü  Dress in the same colour

ü  Use Cartridge papers or colored papers (letter size) and have each participant hold the paper above their heads. You can ask participants to bring their colored papers on the day.

ü  Colored Head Bands; to be worn around the head

ü  Get colored handkerchief and throw it across one of your shoulders or have everyone tie it around their heads.


7 points if complete, 0 points if not complete
Public Relations: Please note to brand at least three (3) of your World Rotaract Week pictures with the “people of action” asset found in the brand Centre of my rotary.
Total “We R Winning” Campaign Points 35
Points Allocation Justification: The We R Winning campaign aims to celebrate 52 years of the first Rotaract club and all the great work that Rotaract clubs have been doing around the world. Please note, the key number is 52.


Maximum points allocation= 5+2 = 7 (Achieved when all activities are completed as per the instructions)

Minimum Points allocation: 5-2 =3 (Achieved when some activities are completed) No activity completed, 0 points




We will recognize clubs who have successfully completed their World Rotaract Week activities and include the We R Winning Campaign. The award is dubbed RD7020 World Rotaract Week Activities Outstanding Awards. The criteria are outlined below:


Criteria Description Points
Complete all the We R Winning campaign activities All the points accumulated in the We R Winning campaign will automatically bring you one step closer to obtaining the awards.




(maximum points that can be earned from the campaign)

Public Relations


ü  Clubs must use all of the We R Winning Campaign hashtags when posting World Rotaract Week activities (7 points) if all the hashtags are used. (3 points) if some of the hashtags are used

ü  Share People of Action Pictures: Post at least three (3) pictures of different World Rotaract Week activities branded with the “people of action” assets found in the brand centre of my rotary to strengthen public awareness of your club and Rotary. (7 points) if at least three (3) pictures are branded with “people of action” assets.

(3 points) if less than three pictures are branded with “people of action” assets.


14 Points
General meeting attendance Have at least 52% of your membership attend one of your club’s scheduled general meeting 7 Points (52% or more)

3 points (less than 52%)

Activities attendance Have at least 52% of your membership attend/participate in a World Rotaract week activity. Ensure to boldly highlight the activity that you have achieved 52% membership attendance.


7 Points (52% or more)

3 points (less than 52%)

Total Points for the RD7020 WRW Outstanding Activities Awards 63
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