MY ROTARACT FAMILY,                                     

Happy New Year to us! This is a time for us to reflect on our collective successes and take a look at our shortcomings to plot out a course for improvement. We move into a year that is already marked with firsts and milestone first Rotary International President from The Bahamas and District 7020, the first District Rotaract Representative from The Bahamas, and the upcoming 50th Charter Anniversary of the first Rotaract Club of District 7020. It really is exciting to think of what is ahead!

    We have officially begun a journey under the theme “Serving Beyond Stigmas”, our challenge to recognize and embrace that our service for those who may be considered outcasts in our communities and countries is very important. Rotary International President Barry Rassin is encouraging us all to “Be the Inspiration”. He said that he wants “to see Rotary Be the Inspiration for our communities by doing work with a transformational impact.” This is a year to show our bravery and creativity through our projects, proving that we are committed to real and impactful service that aligns with our core beliefs and focus areas. Our service should be a reflection of our wish to inspire those around us to do the same and even better.

    This is our year to embody the flamingo and what it represents for us. Know that across our District, we are family. Just as flamingos live in their flock, remember to be mindful and intentional in supporting, encouraging and protecting your fellow Rotaractors. Let us all work to take care of our flock. Remember the strength of the flamingo; find and keep your balance between life, work, club and play. Each aspect of who you are carries significance to the service you are able to give. Remember that you are easily recognized and identified as a Rotaractor. Through your greatness and influence, you have the ability to do very special things. Your impact stretches beyond volunteerism, but through your day to day commitment to live out the ideals of Rotary and Rotaract.


    As we move through the first days and weeks of this new year, I hope you can all be brave enough to grasp the freedom to be yourself in your service to others. Be unique to your club, your community, and who you are as a volunteer and leader. Put your best service out there and watch the magic happen.

    Always Yours in Rotaract Service,

    Leah Lowe
    District Rotaract Representative

    District 7020.


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