Rotaract District 7020 Clubs


As of 30th June 2020, District 7020 has 54 Active clubs that collectively fall under the University Based or Community Based categories. Rotaract Clubs  in District 7020 are considered active on Rotary international list by reporting their incoming Club President (President Elect) by 31st March of the current Rotary year.

The newest club is the Rotaract Club of Downtown Kingston (Jamaica East). Currently there are two clubs in undergoing the process to be chartered: Rotaract Club of Lascahobas and the Rotaract Club of Memorial Gonaives located in the Haiti North and Central territory.

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District 7020 Rotaract Clubs
Country/Territory Rotaract Club Charter Date Club Type
The Bahamas Bahamas Technical & Vocational Institute 11-Dec-2017 University
East Nassau 14-Apr-2008 Community
Eleuthera 11-Aug-2011 Community
Nassau Sunset 17-Dec-2013 Community
South East Nassau Centennial 08-Feb-2005 Community
University of The Bahamas 01-Jul-1991 University
British Virgin Islands Tortola 09-May-1997 Community
Virgin Gorda 10-Jan-2014 Community
Cayman Islands Grand Cayman 18-Dec-2006 Community
Blue Cayman Islands 03-Oct-2007 Community
Haiti Cap-Haitien 04-Feb-2005 Community
Cayes 19-Apr-1999 Community
Delmas 20-Nov-2003 Community
Hinche 06-Jun-2018 Community
Jacmel 14-Feb-2018 Community
LĂ©ogane 29-Jul-2016 Community
Mirebalais 01-Dec-2009 Community
Pignon 04-Feb-2019 Community
Port-au-Prince 22/Apr-1999 Community
Port-au-Prince Champs de Mars 27-Feb-2013 Community
Saint-Marc 10-Apr-2012 Community
Jamaica Christiana 12-June-2018 Community
Downtown Kingston 10-Oct-2019 Community
Hanover 18-Jun-2010 Community
Kingston 19-Jun-1969 Community
Liguanea Plains 22-Apr-2009 Community
Mandeville 12-Feb-2002 Community
Montego Bay 09-Mar-2007 Community
Montego Bay Community College 27-Feb-2002 University
Negril 11-Sep-2013 Community
New Kingston 24-Feb-2004 Community
Petion-Ville 07-Dec-2012 Community
Savanna-La-Mar 13-Nov-2009 Community
St. Andrew 13-Jun-2008 Community
University of Technology 28-Jul-2004 University
University of Technology Western Campus 17-Jul-2013 University
University of the West Indies-Mona 24-Jun-2002 University
UWI MONA-WJC 18-June-2010 University
Caribbean Maritime Institute 01-Mar-2012 University
Church Teachers’ College 02-Mar-1999 University
Falmouth 18-Jun-2010 Community
May Pen 10-Apr-2014 Community
Mico Teacher’s College 23-May-2000 University
Northern Caribbean University 01-Mar-1999 University
Port Antonio 09-May-2018 University
College of Agriculture, Science and Education 09-May-2018 University
Saint Martin Saint-Martin Nord 04-Nov-2003 Community
Saint Martin Sunrise 12-Apr-2005 Community
Turks & Caicos Grand Turk 07-Aug-2009 Community
Providenciales 19-May-2008 Community
U.S. Virgin Islands St. Croix 18-Jan-2017 Community
St. Thomas II 10-Dec-2009 Community
University of the Virgin Islands 09-May-1997 University

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