Project Description

Project: A Thousand Smiles 

Charted in 2003, we are the Rotaract Club of Delmas, based in Haiti. In the following paragraphs we will present you, one of our big projects, “back to school”.

Like any club and any district, we are always asked to contribute directly or indirectly in back to school. This year, since we wanted to do more, we wanted to help also the children of Coq Chante, a region close to Jacmel, 100 school bags with supplies produced in Haiti, in order to also encourage our local entrepreneurs. We have therefore through this project contributed to the recycling of plastic products.


A number of 100 children might appear little compared to the real need, at the beginning of the school year, the reality is that many families can’t afford to send their children to school. We have nonetheless been able to give 100 children of four (4) different classes these kits. The kits were used according to their needs. To some, we added colored pencils, geometries boxes, double line or squared notebooks. We offered ordinary pen, but also bamboo pen, therefore supporting Haitian entrepreneurs and also the local economy. Pencil box in spaghetti bags, made by a young 19-year-old Haitian, who is obviously creative and who, by with this order; provide another source of work to other young people. One of our secondary goals was achieved.

The most important part of this project is the school bags, made from water plastic bags. It took up to 150 bags of water to make each bag. By visiting this company, we could understand the process, which does require a group of people, from picking up the water plastic bags, to washing, or heating, gathering the pieces, sewing them, until putting the pieces together. Putting these products together required a whole community. It also took a community to place the order, because we had to realize above all a raffle as an activity to fund this project. It mostly demanded a big community for the distribution of the school kits. Since one of our goals this year is to reach those who are furthest away, Coq Chante turned out to be 30 minutes from the main road to the town of Jacmel. The Rotaractors of Jacmel (who also sponsored us), the family of Manman Yo Ak Papa Yo (which is the group we collaborated with for contact and taking care of the children), the people of the community who took good care of us, up to our own members, who gave themselves entirely.

  • A thousand bags

  • A thousand smiles

  • Several clubs

  • A fundraising

  • Donations

  • A whole village

  • A life of service


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