Past District Rotaract Representatives

The DRR is a Rotaractor elected by the Rotaract clubs in the district. A Rotaractor must complete one year as a Rotaract club president or member of the Rotaract District Committee before being eligible to serve as the District Rotaract Representative. If there is only one Rotaract club in the district, the district Rotaract representative is the most recent, available past Rotaract club president, or current president if the club is recently organized. The District Rotaract Representative is the liaison between Rotaract and Rotary clubs, the District Rotaract Committee, and Rotary International.

Name Years Served Rotaract Club
Shawna Wright 2002-2004 Kingston
Herve Dorvil 2004-2005 St. Maarten Sunrise
Marsha Smikle 2005-2006 New Kingston
Edson Boyea 2006-2007 Tortola
Michealia McLean 2007-2008 Kingston
Olivia Lake 2008-2009 St. Maarten Sunrise
Randy Burgess 2009-2010 Kingston
Sabrina Isaac 2010-2011 Turks & Caicos
Keitho Nembhard 2011-2012 Mandeville
Adrean Russell 2012-2013 Grand Cayman
Julie Ramchandani 2013-2014 New Kingston
Elisia Lake 2014-2015 St. Maarten Sunrise
Marzeta Bodden 2015-2016 Blue Cayman Islands
Paul Thompson 2016-2017 Montego Bay
Jevaughn Rhymer 2017-2018 Tortola
Leah Lowe 2018-2019 South East Nassau Centennial
Clayton Bromley [DRRE] 2019-2020 Montego Bay