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District 7020 Rotaract Frequently Asked Questions
Questions Asked Answers
What does DRR mean? The term DRR means District Rotaract Representative
Where can I find a list of Rotary acronyms? You can find a list of acronyms here.
What is Rotaract? Young people ages 18 and older, helping locally and globally. Having fun while growing personally and professionally
What is Rotary? Professional problem solvers who share ideas, join other industry leaders to take action and creating lasting change
What is Interact? Young people ages 12-18, helping locally and globally to make a difference.
When does the Rotary Year start and end? The Rotary Year starts July 1 and ends June 30
What is a Club? A group of members, recognised by Rotary international. Can be Rotary, Rotaract or Interact
What is a Cluster? A group of clubs ina similar geographic area, usually led by an Assistant Governor (AG) or Assistant District Rotaract Representative (ADRR)


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