Greetings my fellow Rotaractors,

Basic education and literacy is a worldwide phenomenon that every
organization and institution promote. Having basic education sets the
cornerstone for each individual to have access to better living, improves
health, cures diseases, creates equality and improves the overall economic experience of an individual.
It’s also important to remember that education does not only happen in
schools alone and it’s not only about reading, writing, and math. We learn
from the world all around us, and some of us learn in unconventional ways.
It’s important to nurture a child’s unique passion to help them learn in a
way they relate to best. Additionally, when referring to basic education and literacy we should also think about adults as many lacks the literacy skills needed to complete a job application, understand a child’s report card, help their child with homework or open a bank account. With this in mind, I want to encourage us to partner with schools or organizations that focus on adult literacy, develop activities and initiatives that provide funding and resources for underprivileged students, and do what we can to impart knowledge and education to the upcoming generation.
Let those around us know that education is a must and that no one should be denied the basic access to education and literacy and that it is certainly a right and not a privilege. Education and literacy have no levels, however, acquiring the basics of it will bring you to a higher level.
As always, I look forward to seeing how each club executes their unique ideas this month. It was a pleasure to see you embrace membership and new club development month in August by hosting membership drives and inducting new members into your clubs, and I hope to see that passion continue in September and beyond.
Have a wonderful month, and remember, as Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

Yours in Rotaract Service,

Clayton Bromley
District Rotaract Representative
Rotaract District 7020