Greetings Rotaractors!

We’ve had an amazingly educational and fun July! Rotaract District 7020 month had rotaractors engaged in highlighting pivotal information to members and non-members about Rotaract and Rotaract District 7020. Clubs expressed their interpretation of the month, and the creativity displayed was outstanding! I am thankful that the District Board was able to implement an innovative and sustainable monthly theme.

August is membership and new club development month. This is the ideal time to uplift and celebrate your membership and aim to attract new recruits. It’s been a longstanding tradition to invite family, friends, and visitors to attend a Rotaract meeting. It is via this action that many of us became Rotaractors. However, we must be cognizant that a simple invitation and one-time attendance isn’t necessarily enough to showcase the beauty of Rotaract. This month, aim to implement creative ideas to attract young professionals to your club. It can be something as simple as adding their email address to the club’s mailing list. Clubs can even go as far as making their general meetings a social event or have a “special visitor” day.  I encourage clubs not to forget about their existing members. Existing members are the backbone of your club and who also helps to recruit new members; ensure they are shown the appreciation that they deserve.

Additionally, in recognition of membership and new club development month, I want to take this opportunity to highlight the Rotaract Club of Gonvais and the Rotaract Club of Lascahobas in Haiti, North & Central and the Rotaract Club of Port Antonio from the Jamaica-east region. These clubs are working assiduously hard to be officially recognized by Rotary International. Special acknowledgment goes out to the Rotaractors from Christiana who have merged with the Rotaract Club of Mandeville. In Jamaica, we say, “we likkle but wi tallawah,” meaning we are small but we will fight until the end. Kudos to the Christiana Rotaractors for embarking on this merger as it shows determination and resilience. May all small clubs continue to exceed expectations and strive to achieve ‘a little big impact’. To all large clubs, continue finding new ways to challenge yourself so that you can achieve maximum growth and unlock unexpected potential.

Happy Membership and new club development month. Membership growth and retention is key to every club’s success and remember “you don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great”


Yours in Rotaract,


Clayton Bromley

District Rotaract Representative (2019/2020)

Rotaract District 7020