Greetings Rotaractors! 

Often we hear the term foundation in our daily conversations, but do we know what foundation is? 

Foundation is a solid platform build by those who come before us, it is like a soil that nurtures so that living organisms can produce the right ingredients. The Rotary Foundation which is ranked as the most trusted foundation by Charity Navigator and has been in existence for over 100 years has given birth to millions of sustainable projects worldwide and campaigns such as the end polio campaign initiative which was launched in 1988 and has successfully managed to achieve 99.9% eradication. 

The Rotary Foundation is the platform or soil for Rotary International and we are the farmers of the soil that must take care of it. 92% of the Foundation funds are spent on program awards and operation. Without the foundation, Rotary International would not have been rewarded $86,677,399 in funding to 1,306 grants during the fiscal year 2018. Those grants support Rotary’s causes which are preventing diseases, providing clean water, supporting education, growing local economies, saving mothers and children and promoting peace. 

Throughout November, let us take the time to appreciate the cornerstone of the Rotary Foundation. Learn about its history, it’s structure, the purpose of the foundation and how to donate to the foundation. Rotary District 7020 will be initiating the matching concept for those Rotaractors who are willing and can afford to donate to the foundation for giving Tuesday throughout November. For every US$500 donated, Rotary District 7020 will match US$500 making it a US$1000.00. This will enable the Rotaractors to become a Paul Harris Fellow. Rotary International also invites Rotaractors to have 5 members each donate at least US$10.00 to the Rotary Foundation making a club’s contribution to the foundation a total of US $50.00. 

The foundation is our platform, it is our backbone, let’s take care of it! Donate today at https://my.rotary.org/en/donate and educate now! It is because of the foundation that we are changing lives worldwide. 

Yours in Rotaract. 

Clayton Bromley District

Rotaract Representative Rotaract District 7020