Greetings Rotaractors! 

Daily we see advertisements on television about several communicable and non-communicable diseases that affect human health. These advertisements serve as great reminders of the efforts of organizations that are aggressively fighting diseases however, also serves as encouragement to continue those efforts. 

As members of the Rotary family, we have to identify the illnesses that are manageable and establish ways in which we can curve the severity of these illnesses/diseases. 

As Rotaractors we can contribute effectively to the eradication of HIV by hosting “The HIV Boot Camp” where the focus is only to give rapid HIV testing. We can also engage in a high school campaign and have short mini sessions on how to use condoms effectively, pregnancy prevention, STIs prevention and establish temporary training centers in underserved communities that are struggling with non-communicable diseases such as dengue. If we have big ideas that we can execute to recognize disease prevention and treatment month in Dental care, hearing, vision, this can be executed with the help of the District grant or partnering with other Rotary family members. 

Like the dengue fever that is currently rampant in Jamaica, and has caused several deaths, diseases are no joke. We have to understand and teach each other that it only takes simple activities to combat the negative impact of diseases with prevention being the simplest one! There are millions of people who do not have access to basic health care and basic education about health care. We are the driving force for fighting diseases as we are helping to reduce poverty worldwide. 

Make disease prevention and treatment topic be the river that flows through our hills and valleys, with the river being the activities put in place to help fight diseases and the hills and valleys being the people and environment that are most likely to be impacted. As Thomas Fuller said, “He who cures a disease may be the most skillful, but he that prevents it is the safest physician.” I call upon all the Rotaractors in this great District to be the physician. While it sounds and looks great to have a set of skills, it is even better, in this context, to be wise like the physician and promote prevention is better than cure within our communities through our activities. 

Let us continue to be the pioneers for making a difference. Let us be Physicians! Prevention is better than cure. 

Yours in Rotaract, 

Clayton Bromley

District Rotaract Representative

Rotaract District 7020