Rotary/Rotaract Acronym/Abbreviation
Meaning Meaning
RI Rotary International RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
RC Rotary Club RYE Rotary Youth Exchange
RAC Rotatact Club PETS President Elect Training Seminar
TRF The Rotary Foundation RLI Rotary Leadership Institute
TWF The World Fund COTS Club Officers Training Seminar
YEP Youth Exchange Program RFE Rotary Friendship Exchange
P President RIP Rotary International President
PE President Elect Rtn. Rotarian
PN President Nominee Rtr. Rotaractor
PP Past President DIK Donation in Kind
DRR District Rotaract Representative GSE Group Study Exchange
DRRE District Rotaract Representative Elect PHF Paul Harris Fellow
DRRN District Rotaract Representative Nominee PHS Paul Harris Society
PDRR Past District Rotaract Representative D#### District (Followed by four numbers) E.g. D7020 is District 7020
DG District Governor LOA Leave of Absence
DGE District Governor Elect NGO Non-Government Organization
DGN District Governor Nominee PDG Past District Governor
AG Assistant Governor PAG Past Assistant Governor

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