2019/2020 Logo and Theme Explanation

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Rotaractors are always indulging in a lot of work; whether in their own clubs, early-act clubs, sponsor Rotary Clubs or other Rotaract clubs. We refer to this as Rota-pollination. Rota-pollination is simply the use of energy, time,
resources, and self/personality (pollen grains) to execute tasks or duties in Rotaract over a period of time. Over time, the constant use of pollen grains develop Rotaractors into the best version of themselves (in other words, to
create the best Rotaractors). While serving in one of the best service organization called Rotary International, Rotaractors develop people skills, leadership skills among other professional and personal development skills.

Colours and the Representation
Red: represents the strength in our beliefs of volunteerism thus we love the work that we do and the impact that we make, and we are passionate about the work we do.
Yellow: represents our smile and the thought process we put into our events and projects that is admired by anyone who come in contact with us. No matter how hard it gets, we will smile through it all.
Blue: represents the stability and trust each Rotaractor should possess.
Purple: signifies our ambition not overpowering our nobility. Others believe we are mysterious and unique like royalty.
Orange: represents our enthusiasm that is expressed through our creativeness and successful events. Overall, we are happy people who make things happen.
Green: represents the fertile fundraisers that we execute to finance service projects. Each pollen grain (head) is best suited for a stigma (link) which represents the six areas of focus. Each link that the head is attached to for the six areas of focus are represented as follows:

Red: Maternal and Child Health
Yellow: Community Economic Development
Blue: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Purple: Peace Building and Conflict Prevention
Orange: Basic Education and Literacy
Green: Disease Prevention & Treatment

The impact of combining all pollen grains gives a united Rotaract that is attached to the sound principles of Rotary International six areas of focus (link) that results in a phenomenon, a seedling that can germinate to give a
flower that is unique to embrace. We call this the hibiscus (impact). The hibiscus is the only flower that blooms in all 7020 territories. The 2019-2020 Rotaract District 7020 board will motivate all clubs to be a hibiscus by
encouraging unity through collaborative performance via creative planning, delegating and leadership.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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