2019/2020 Logo and Theme Explanation II



We see the unity of Rotaractors from various backgrounds, clubs and country working together. Additionally, the logo demonstrates that when we combine our knowledge, resources, connections (social capital) and expertise, we will produce a large impact that no one club or region can achieve on their own.

Each link and its respective heads represents a Rotaractor (people). Each Rotaractor is unique in their own way, that is, each Rotaractor contributes to their respective clubs and region on a daily basis and manages to be impactful. We as Rotaractors have a lot of ideas to contribute to service projects and other areas of Rotaract development. An
individual with all these ideas will not materialize well when they keep it to themselves. When we share these ideas, we are basically encouraging another person to see the vision so that they can either join forces with us or point us in the right direction. When we get at least one person to clearly see our vision, they will then share our ideas and endorse our hard work to others (connections). It is like a domino effect but in a good way. Eventually, your ideas will fall on the correct ears and from there, all those that are aware of the idea will join in on the campaign to help produce an impact.

Ultimately, a single idea becomes an extravagant and an impactful idea because of all the assistance given in making it become what it is destined to become, and that is, GREAT. Conclusively, when Rotaractors work together, all their individual contributions, skills, knowledge, expertise, experiences are pooled together to create a gigantic impact.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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