2019/2020 Goals and Objectives

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What District 7020 will do to support?

Membership Retention & Growth

  • Appointment of a District 7020 Rotaract Membership Committee
  • Provide resources based on best practices for membership retention and recruitment.
  • Considerable emphasis in DRR Awards Guide on membership retention aspect.

Leadership Development

  • Encourage clubs to provide training opportunities to develop their members to assume leadership roles in their vocation, club and district level.
  • District to also support this objective through implementing training opportunities in a collaborative effort with District 7030 and Rotary.

Transition in Rotary

  • Increase the percentage of Interactors transitioning to Rotaract and Rotaractors transitioning to Rotary.
  • Encourage Rotaract Clubs and Rotary Clubs to include an Interactor and Rotaractor on club committees
  • Continue the Meet and Mentor Program – The “Mile” Way
  • Foster and encourage stronger relationships between Rotary and Rotaract Clubs
  • Foster and encourage stronger communication system between Rotary and Rotaract clubs


  • Ensure that communication from a district level straight down to prospective members is transparent and efficient.
  • provide clubs with the information needed to bring a greater awareness of the organization
  • provide information inĀ  both English and French so that all nationalities in the district are included and informed
  • Maintain regular communication with Presidents and ensure the District Board presence at meeting and club events.

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2020 – 2021 District 7020 Rotaract Key Dates, Reminders and Deadlines:

Click Calendar to view dates.

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